5 Bulletproof Techniques for Proofreading Your Essay

It’s needless to say that proofreading an essay is crucial before delivering it to your professor, college or even your boss. Although spell-checkers do come in handy, proofreading needs to be done the old-fashion way. And if you’re not really sure what to do look for when you’re proofreading your essay, you can either go to a website such as http://www.ninjaessays.org/  and have it done by a professional, or pick up tips and tricks from the pros themselves. Keep on reading to find out how you can become the master of essay proofreading.

1)      Check Apostrophes and Contractions

Incorrect use of apostrophes and contractions can hurt the quality of your essay, so make sure to double check for things like: you’re and your, its and it’s, and whether you’ve placed apostrophes on saxon genitive or on plural.

2)      Do the Double Read

This is a traditional method of checking your work, and although it’s not revolutionary, it works! Always double-check your work, but when you’re done, pass it on to a second person who will also go through the process of double checking your essay as well. This method is very successful for uncovering mistakes that are hard to spot, especially if you’re the essay writer.

3)      Check Homonyms

These are words that have the same pronunciation or spelling, but don’t have the same meaning. Words like bear and bare, accept and except, can be easily misspelled and this can make your essay look like a disaster without meaning.

4)      Go Backwards

Literally. Sometimes as essay writers, you can’t determine your own mistakes, since our brain automatically corrects miswritten or misused words. A technique that helps with proofreading is going back to your essay and reading it backwards. This way you get to spot mistakes you couldn’t before, because you’re isolating yourself from the context.

5)      Read it Aloud

Our eyes can catch a lot, but when you’ve already read and proofread your essay ten times, there’s one thing left to do. Read it aloud. When you read your essay aloud, the ear just might pick up something you haven’t caught with your eyes. Or even better, have someone else read it to you!

These 5 proofreading techniques are simple yet quite effective, and are actually the core of every good essay. Turn your essay from a mediocre read to a jaw-dropping attention grabber.